Ridley Farm

Shapleigh, ME

Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away

Ridley Farm has been operating since 1973. They stay busy producing raw, unpasteurized milk (whole and skim) and cream. Deliveries come on Friday straight from being milked that morning. You can’t ask for anything fresher than that! The cap will always tell you the day it was milked for guaranteed freshness.

What’s the deal with raw milk?

Pasteurization is the process of heating a product to kill bacteria. Milk started being pasteurized routinely in the early 1920’s. Prior to that, milk was always drank in the raw form. Pasteurized milk is considered the “safer” route to many, but when milk is properly bottled/processed/stored, it is not as crazy as it is made it out to be.

Raw milk has natural enzymes, proteins and vitamin’s that get destroyed during the pasteurization process and lacks the chemical preservatives that are added in store bought milk. Ridley’s dairy cows are pasture raised and like any animal product, you can taste the difference in your milk when the cow is fed and exercised right. If you choose to take the route of indulging in the raw milk world, Ridley Farm is a great place to start.