Galaxie Salsa Co.

Buxton, ME

Over the past 9 years, Galaxie Salsa Co. has created a line of different heats and flavors. Although tomato is in their salsa’s, zucchini is the base ingredient in their secret recipe which sets them apart from others. Newer flavors have a variety of fruit and veggies to change things up, including blueberry, strawberry, pineapple and peach.

In 2010, salsa began being sold out of the trunk of their 63′ Ford Galaxie at car shows and after awhile people began asking, “Where’s that Galaxie Salsa?” Hence where they got there name. Due to the immense amount of support, they dove head on into the specialty food business and have been cruisin’ ever since. The families love for classic cars and huge supports for their zucchini salsa inspired them to make this successful car themed salsa brand.