Amolitta Pasta- Portland, ME– Bronze Die Pasta

Popahot’s Popcorn Newfield, ME– Flavored Popcorn

Captain Mowatt’s-  Portland, ME– Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, and more

Possum Hallow Farms SoapSanford, ME- Organic Bar Soap

Into the Wild CreationsSanford, ME– Homemade Cards

Barden Street Soap Co.Lyman, ME– Bar Soap (created with solar power)

Wild Cherry WoodworksLimerick, ME– Wood Products

Choomis Scarborough, ME– Coconut Macaroons


Portland Pie Co.Portland, ME– Pizza DoughM

Kate’s CreameryArundel, ME– Butter

Winterport Co.- Winterport, ME– Dry Dip Mixes

Maine Sea Salt Company-Marshfield, ME- Flavored Sea Salt

Green BeeBrunswick, ME– Honey Soda

SpindriftNewton, MA– Seltzer Water

Vermont Sticks- Barre, VT– Beef and Pork Sticks

SAP!- Burlington, VT– Seltzer and Soda

Beverages from across Northern New England